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Small Group Instruction — Adaptable To Meet Verizon Needs

Small Group Instruction features:

  • Small groups from 4 individuals and larger groups to 12, permitting lively interaction and plenty of individual attention
  • Highly trained, native-fluent instructors
  • Instruction based on the conversational Berlitz Method®
  • Content customized specifically for Verizon that incorporates such elements as specialized terminology and role-plays based on typical Verizon business scenarios
  • Separate levels designed for Beginners to Advanced speakers

About the Berlitz Method

With the Berlitz Method, all conversation during class takes place in the target language. Our instructors use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking versus rote memorization. We emphasize practical vocabulary and grammar in the context of real-life situations, and reinforce study with relevant reading and writing exercises.

Course Options

Regular Course for Spanish
Because the emphasis of these courses is conversational skills, you’ll be learning how to communicate in Spanish from the very first day of class. There are many schedules available so that you can work around your work schedule and still learn a new language. From time to time, we will have explanations of certain points in English, if necessary.

Customized Curriculum for Spanish
After you have successfully completed the second course of the Berlitz curriculum you will be eligible to take a course designed specifically for employees at Verizon with vocabulary that is relevant to what services and products you provide. Whether you are in a retail sales position or you are on the telephones with customers, this course is designed to help you navigate interactions with your customer and coworker in Spanish and in the vocabulary relevant to your industry. There are three courses interwoven into your course curriculum. These customized courses are available in Spanish only.

Student Support

Live Tutoring for Spanish students! Whether you need a little extra help or a lot of extra help, Berlitz live tutoring sessions could help you meet your learning objectives. Live Tutoring sessions are held at various times throughout the month with bilingual Berlitz instructors. In these sessions you’ll get to ask your questions in English, if needed, with explanations in English and demonstrations of how to use the language skills that are not quite clear to you yet. The focus for these sessions is helping you to understand topics that are taught in the courses. There is not a focus on conversation in Spanish during these sessions and English is used throughout the tutoring session as needed.   


Not sure you really want to learn Spanish but want to try it out?

Enroll in the Berlitz Preparation for Learning Spanish Course.

Ten online class sessions, 2 times per week for 90 minutes each session – Price: $480

Call to get more information 877-877-0122